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Thank you Wilderdog for interviewing Neil! Leash walking tips

Leash walking should be fun!

Neil enjoyed sharing his top tips for successful leash walking with the Wilderdog team!

Wilderdog provides durable and extremely good quality dog products.  Head out hiking/walking and know you have the best equipment for your dog.

Neil was interviewed to share his training techniques for leash walking.

Extract from the interview:

‘Wilderdog: What’s one of your most important recommendations when leash training?
Neil: “The biggest thing is you need to start in a low-distraction area. You also want to become a Pez dispenser with treats to start off. Reward, reward, reward – so that the focus is always on you. A lot of the time, it’s about walking around and rewarding the dog for staying close and keeping their focus on you. It’s not a good idea to take the dog to the dog park to train because of distractions and expect them to do leash work, if they won’t even do leash work in your house. Having low distractions is really, really, important.”’

Here is the full interview:

We Ask A Dog Trainer – How to Improve Your Dog’s Leash Walking Skills – Wilderdog

A little about Wilderdog (from their website):

‘Our products are designed to go everywhere and take a beating. It’s why we back everything with a lifetime warranty. It’s why we started this. We love designing and making reliable gear.

Rescue and adoption are also a big part of our lives. Our fur-kids are all adopted from our local shelters, and we hope to encourage others to adopt their next best friend as well. Thousands of homeless dogs are sitting in shelters right now,  without a family of their own. Think of all the campfire naps they’re missing out on!

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