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Trick Dog Training

Trick Dog Training Fun 101 starting Monday 23rd November 2020 

Trick Dog Training Fun 101 Monday 23rd November 2020 

You and your dog will become a great team as you learn new tricks each week taking part in Trick Training 101.

You will be taught 20 Tricks during this 5 week course.

WOW your family and friends with all that your dog can do but more importantly, Trick Training creates an amazing bond between you and your dog.

Trick Training is a way to develop a special language between you and your dog.

The American Kennel Club encourages team work between owners and their dogs. The AKC released a blog on: Why is trick training good for dogs?

Furthermore, as the weeks progress, most handlers report that their dog begins to pay more attention both during training sessions and in day-to-day life. Your dog will want to please you and want to understand you.  Tricks are just so much FUN!

This is going to be a really fun way to engage and entertain your dog during this time.

Tricks will include:

Paws up, Hide in Box, Look Sit Pretty, Crawl, weave, high 5, take a bow and much much more!

Online classes are a great way to connect with your dog learning something fun and new.  Additonally the great thing about doing this class is that you can learn all the tricks at your own pace and refer back to the training videos.

What is included in the course?

  • Experienced Trick Dog Trainer
  • 4 New Tricks per week plus weekly BONUS tricks
  • Weekly Training session videos (available throughout the duration of the course)
  • Access to Private Training Page
  • Weekly ZOOM check in session with your Trainer
  • Submit your training videos for feedback and advice
  • Private Online Community- connect with other students on our courses


For more information on how our Online Training works CLICK HERE



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$99 for 5 weeks

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What do you need?

Full supply list will be sent before the start of class.  Don't worry the majority of the items you will already have at home!

The weekly check in session will be held via ZOOM- a free online service.

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