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Scent Workshops

Now booking! 'Scent 101- Introduction to Scent work' NEXT COURSE starting Thursday September 21st 2023 @7pm 

Scent work for fun Workshops

SCENT WORK FOR FUN are classes where we will teach you how to search and located a target scent. The class will teach you the basics of how to read your dog when on scent and how to tell when your dog has found a scent. This a fun and easy to learn sport which is both mentally and physically rewarding for the dog and will create a great bond between you.

Have you ever seen a police dog on the television searching for items or articles and thought my dog would be good at that?

All the training is reward based and positive, Scent work for fun is all about the FUN.

What to expect

You will work closely with your dog while being taught the skills to encourage and teach your dog to search for a specific scent. Dogs have over 300 million scent receptors, and in our classes we challenge your dog to use them all! We use custom made scent boxes to start the basic training progressing through to more complex scenarios and other items to search for.

Our classes will challenge you to work as a team and will ensure that every week you learn something new!

The nose knows best!  

All dogs love to use their nose and we challenge the dogs to use theirs.  The dogs love searching and so will you!



This class is great for introducing you and your dog to the skills and techniques of scent work. The goals of the ‘Scent 101’ class will teach you and your dog:

• Scent identification
• Initial searches
• Beginnings of indication
• How to reward your dog when scent has been located

NEXT  Scent workshop commencing on:


Thursday September 21st @ 7pm (6 week course)

The classes take place in central Columbia Falls.


Call us to book your space 406-407-4161 or email on



$220.00 for 6 sessions

Our classes run for 1.5 - 2 hours

We also offer private sessions- please see our Pricing page for further details.

Contact us to find out about the latest classes and courses that are running!

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