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Online Puppy Dog Training

Online Puppy Training

Puppy Basics 101- COMING SOON

The Puppy Training class is for puppies aged 8 weeks to around 9 months (depending on level of training and socialization), setting your puppy up for success and providing you with the basic training starting points. We teach you how to teach your puppy basic manners using fun reward-based methods.

This Puppy Training class enables you and your dog to form a close relationship.  We believe that this bond between you and your dog is key to you becoming a team and  reaching your full potential.

Class details

At All Day Dog Adventures we believe that it is important to find the skills and techniques that work for you and your puppy.  This class will cover the following:

  • Start of a Reliable recall
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit, down and stand
  • Focus on handler
  • How to reward your dog
  • Fun games to play with your puppy
  • Basic Puppy Manners


The class consists of:

  • Experienced Dog Trainer
  • Access to Private Facebook Training Page
  • Weekly Training session videos (available throughout the duration of the course)
  • Weekly LIVE (on Facebook) check in session with your Trainer
  • Submit your training videos for feedback and advice
  • Private Online Community- connect with other students on our courses



$100 for 6 week course

Puppy front page

What do you need?

Access to Facebook for weekly training sessions and Live Video Sessions.


We can help you with this!


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