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All Day Dog Adventures is a dog training school specializing in bringing the fun and exploration back into the training methods for you and your dog.

We offer a variety of services specializing in dog obedience classes with agility, in-house 1:1 sessions, scent and search workshops and Service Dog Obedience Training for you and your four legged friends.

All Day Dog Adventures has its main training facility located in the heart of the beautiful and vast landscape of the Flathead Valley located less than 15 miles from the Gateway to the Glacier National Park, which allows easy access to more than 2 million acres of Flathead National Forest land waiting to be explored by our future customers.

The training school has a dedicated enclosed training field providing a safe area for our classes.  Our summer Training Grounds are located in Columbia Falls and we use Deer Park Elementary School conveniently located between Columbia Falls and Kalispell in the Winter months.

We have fun classes to suit your need!

Our Philosophy

At All Day Dog Adventures, you will be given a friendly and knowledgeable service which will help you and your dog bond and work as a team, through reward based positive training methods.

We are a family run business, based in Columbia Falls, with experience in canine coaching, behavior modification, obedience training, agility, scent work and the training of search and rescue dogs.

We want to give you the best and most rewarding experiences and training possible that will be both enjoyable for you and your dog.

All Day Dog Adventures is the combination of hands on experience in dog training and animal behavior and a love of learning why and how dogs work!

We pride ourselves in offering a professional, reliable and friendly service. We have a team of dedicated and experienced staff which enables us to offer you a full range of services tailored to the individual needs of your dog.


Neil Day

Owner and Head Trainer

Neil Day - Owner and Head Trainer

Neil has over 15 years experience training dogs with the National Search and Rescue Dog Association. Neil specializes in providing training that is fun, effective and enjoyable. His methods include force free positive reward based training to work with you and your dog. Neil is a keen mountaineer and loves to include our dogs Cleo, Willow and our new Pup Echo Bean.

Neil is also a National Search Dog Assessor; his role entails the assessment of trainee search dogs for other units and qualifying them as operational search dogs using a variety of training methods.

When Neil is not training with a client you can often find him at SAR training with our own dogs, hiking or skiing with our kids.



‘I am trained in a variety of disciplines of dog scent work including non-specific air scenting, tracking, trailing, and scent work similar to the training of explosive and drugs dogs. I am also experienced gun dog and obedience training and love to work with my own dogs, Cleo, Willow and Echo.

What i love about this job is that I get to meet all types of dogs that have all had different experiences in life- there is great joy in providing the dog training skills that help a dog achieve its full potential and overcome specific problems.

Along with my experience I have focused on professional career development by taking Diplomas in Canine Coaching with First Aid, Canine Behavior and Search Dog Handling. I am an also a qualified Scent Detection and Dog Tracking Instructor.

I love the outdoors, being a qualified Mountain leader and climbing instructor for more than 7 years and I am excited to bring my passions for the outdoors and dogs together in the beautiful Montana Landscape.

I was a serving Soldier in the British Army, seeing active service in several countries. I then joined the London Metropolitan Police Force, as a Front Line Police Officer serving for 15 years.’

Diplomas in: Canine Coaching with First Aid, Canine Behavior Professional and Search Dog Handlers.

Professional Memberships: The Association of the Professional Pet Dog Trainers: Pet Professional Guild, Pet Professional Network and a certified Member of The International Police Working Dog Association.



Tracy Day

Owner & Office Manager

Tracy Day - Owner & Office Manager

Tracy is normally the first person you will speak to when contacting us at All Day Dog Adventures.  Always happy to learn all about your dog training needs, getting to know you and your dog/s.

Tracy leaves the majority of the dog training to Neil!

Tracy enjoys hiking with our 3 dogs Willow, Cleo & Echo and the kiddos. Tracy has been involved with Search and Rescue Training as a volunteer helping with the training of the younger search dogs.

Tracy's hobbies include:

Skiing (recent new hobby!)

Hiking as a family

Reading with the kids

And planning exciting events for All Day Dog Adventures

Tracy is normally the first point of contact when you call us!


Where we are

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