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Reviews- what our clients say about dog training with us!

We want to share our client reviews about their dog training with you!  

We always welcome feedback and reviews from our clients about their dog training journey with us!

Here is what they say about us! For the full list of our client reviews please visit our GOOGLE PAGE 

Kate Grenadier

‘I 100%, unequivocally recommend All Day Dog Adventures!

Working with Neil (and Tracy) at All Day Dog Adventures has been fantastic! We have a rescue dog that has an incredibly high prey drive. My husband and I also do a LOT of hiking, and so good recall is something very important to us, and is something we were struggling with.

Neil is so knowledgeable with dog psychology and his experience in training search and rescue dogs. What I appreciate about Neil’s approach to training is that it’s very contextualized. He met us outside, on the trail, in a very real-world environment – which was so invaluable to helping us recognize our dog’s triggers and to work on our timing for getting in front of those triggers. We’ve had remarkable results in just a short period of time.

The other thing I like about Neil was the way he inspired confidence in our own selves, and our dog’s readiness. So many people (other trainers included) heard about our dog’s breed mix and told us how big of a problem we’d always have. Neil never made any promises towards training of course, but after working with us and our dog, he told us what a good dog we actually have, and he also helped us feel confidence in her being ready to practice off leash; and confidence in being comfortable when we (and our dog) don’t get things right every time. His casual and confident demeanor helped us reduce our own stress.

All in all, such a great experience and we’ll continue working with them!’

Sean Meltvedt- September 2023

‘Neil was awesome during our airscent workshop. He is able to tweak the exercises to fit each K9’s capabilities, allowing for growth, but not so much at once to turn it into a negative experience. On a personal level, he was able to give a likely cause for an issue I am having with the my K9’s refind – and gave me direction to eliminate the issue.
Great trainer, will definitely bring him back/and or travel to another of his workshops. (This is my third in two years’ 

DeeDe Baker- September 2023

‘Let’s be honest, if you have a dog, you both need some guidance in building a great relationship. All Day Dog Adventures is the place! Neil is incredibly gifted, and both ends of the leash matter to him. Now, make that call. It’s never too late to start training 😊’

Sarah Hooper August 2023

‘Seriously top notch, could not have asked for a better training experience! Neil is clearly very skilled and has a nuanced understanding of dog behavior that many people do not possess. The progress that he helped my leash reactive dog and I make over a relatively short period of time was very impressive. My dog and I are very grateful for the support that was provided to both of us. I would not hesitate to recommend All Day Dog Adventures—from scheduling with Tracy to training with Neil, the whole process was fantastic!’

Marcela Prado

‘I decided to make the investment (time included) and hired a professional dog trainer for my recently adopted 10-month old Australian Sheppard named Wren (and me!). I had the pleasure to work with Neil who taught me how to stay consistent with training, provided the most transparent feedback and guidance (no sugar coating which I appreciate) and guided me to set Wren up for success. Training a high energy puppy is not an easy task and Neil did a great job helping me set my own expectations that some days it may feel like regression and that is totally ok. Positive reaffirmance was the focus, and consistency was the foundation.
Our sessions ran on time which is important for me due to work schedule constrains. In fact, Neil would always be at least 10-15 mins early.
Wren is doing exceptionally well and I highly recommend All Day Dog Adventures!’

Kelly Siblerud

‘We attended the basic puppy training class with Neil. He was fantastic!! Each week he would address any issues we were having and give us the tools to use at home to address the unwanted behaviors. Great advise and easy to follow instructions.’

Karen South

‘All Day Dog Adventures are the best professional dog trainers. Their positive reinforcement program and support during and after classes is amazing. I have a forever puppy Numa and they have taught us so much to have a successful relationship.’

Brooke Spradlin

‘We have completed Scent 101 and 102 and have loved every second! Neil is an amazing instructor and really takes the time to help you succeed during each class. He keeps things fun and positive for both you and your dog. I highly recommend if you are looking for something fun to do with your dog!’


Emily Larson

‘I have taken my golden retriever Lucy to classes here since she was an 8 week puppy and have continued to take classes here now that she’s almost 3 years old. We take other classes as well (starting from socialization, obedience classes, and have been taking the scent
classes). I now have another puppy I’m taking here as well. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Neil is the best and I would trust him with all my current and future dogs with their training!’

Francine Volmann

‘I am so thankful to you. Our newest addition to our pack was a 25 lb male stray and highly anxious. I was very concerned my German shepherd would use him as a chew toy and didn’t know what to expect from my aussie. You taught us how to integrate them and be aware of warning signs when to separate them. You are so knowledgeable and kind and the dogs respond to you and now…they all walk on leashes together, run free in the yard and house together. They even sleep together and now can eat together. Thank you Neil!!!
You are truly a professional dog whisperer!
Thank you!!!’

Sonja Davey

‘Neil is incredible! I have a small rescue dog and we are moving into a house that has two larger territorial dogs. We were super nervous about bringing my small dog into their territory. We booked a training session with Neil and he helped us to introduce all 3 dogs to one another seamlessly. He also provided us with some advice to continue training the dogs at home. We are super thankful for Neil’s time and wisdom!’

Tiffany Galbraith

‘My Husband and I got our first dog and we are SO THANKFUL we went to ALL Day Dog Adventures for our training needs! With a rehoming situation our pup was a bit behind and wasn’t able to do group classes, because she hadn’t been acclimated to other dogs. Neil came to our home, taught us how to train, and worked so patiently with me and my dog! After private lessons, we have worked toward group classes and we are so excited! If you are looking for positive training, personalize training, convenient training, and someone to work not only with your dog… but with you, you need to call All Day Dog Adventures!’

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