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One to One Training Walks

Dedicted Training Walks for your dog!

All Day Dog Adventures offers a unique Service in the Flathead Valley- a tailor made  Walk & Train Service.  This Service is great for dogs that require individual attention and have specific training requirements.  We offer 2 types of services to accommodate your dogs every need.  Please choose from the following:

1. One to One Training Walk

We recommend this for dogs who require one to one attention during walks to focus on specific training needs.

We come and collect your dog and return them after the training session.

Our Trainer will train with your dog on specific issues such as:

Reliable recall

Loose leash walking

Focus on Handler


Good manners

What does it include?

Your dog receives One to One training with our certified Trainer.

Fully insured

Force free reward based training techniques for lasting results.

Free discovery phone call- to find out about your specific training needs.

Email/phone call check-ins

Dog in field

2. Behavior Training Walks

This service is suitable for dogs who have reactivity towards other dogs or people.

We will set up a safe training environment to train in.  We can set up training scenarios to include other people and dogs.  All in a safe setting to build your dogs confidence and make positive associations.

If your dog has reactivity or is anxious then this is the service for you!

Service includes:

1 x minimum 45 min/1hour Training Session per week

1 x per month Coaching session (in-person/phone or online)

Email/phone call check-ins


Training Package 1

4 x 1 hour sessions = $320

Training Package 2

8 x 1 hour sessions = $600



Initial Behavior consultation

2 hours = $240

Behavior Rehabilitation Package (must have completed the Initial Behavior Consultation)

4 hour Package = $320

8 Hour Package = $600


Contact us to find out about the latest classes and courses that are running!

Drop us a line to discuss our services

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