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Summer is here…. Avoid the Colorful Hazards


It’s been a long winter, followed by a long Spring and now Summer is here!  It is the time for planting those beautiful flowers and watching them bloom.

Most dogs are good at avoiding the hazards that lurk in your backyard….. However, puppies can be inquisitive, which can get them into trouble!


Many Spring flowers are toxic to dogs, for example the bulbs of daffodils, bluebells, and hyacinths can induce vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling and in some instances cause an extreme reaction, which can be fatal.

Though most plants/bulbs do not cause a fatal reaction it is important to avoid your dog/puppies ingesting the following:



Signs of poisoning may include:



Excessive drooling


Abdominal pain

Difficulty breathing


Weed Killers

Top Tip- ALWAYS read the directions on the product to ensure safe use.  In general, most weed killers are safe for pets once dried- however it is always best to check!

If you are treating your lawn or have a company come and do it then always keep your pets inside for the allotted time.



*If you have planted bulbs and flowers are blooming keep an extra eye on your puppy (and dog) as they can be curious and go exploring!

*If you do have to leave your dog outside to have some fun then create a safe areas where your dog is unlikely to have the chance to dig up the bulbs or eat the flowers

*Look out for signs of toxicity in your dogs/puppies (see list of signs above)


Finally, if you think that your dog/puppy may have ingested a toxic plants/flower or bulb please contact your Local Veterinarian for advice:

The Animal Clinic of Kalispell 406-755-6886

1408 Airport Road, Kalispell


Out of Hours Emergency:

Flathead Pet Emergency 406-257-6870

Open 6pm-8am weekdays

24 hours on weekends and holidays

3650 US Hwy 2 East, Kalispell


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