In-home 1:1 Training

Why a 1:1 session might work for you!

If you have a hectic life and may struggle to make classes our private in-home consultations & training sessions maybe suitable for you. We have a flexible approach to training and can tailor a training program that is both suitable and practical for you.

Our in-home sessions are also there to help you with behavioral issues which may only take place in the home or for dogs that show fear or aggression and maybe best suited to being trained on their own such as:

Excessive Barking, Attention and Focus, coming when called, Door
Manners, Resource Guarding, Reactiveness /aggression towards people or other dogs, Fears and Phobias, Greeting, Boundary Training, Counter Surfing/Leaving Food/Garbage, House Training, Separation Anxiety and Loose-leash Walking.

What to expect

We will intially ask you to complete a pro-forma, providing us with information about your dog and what you would like to work on. We will then set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and meet with you at home (or if a behavior is specific to a different location we can arrange to meet you there). Our trainer will spend 2 hours with you, assessing your dog, outlining approaches and methods that will help you to overcome specific problems. The session can also be used as a basic training session if that is what you require.

This service gives you the tools to overcome problems!

The follow-up

Should you require another private session then we can provide a programme to suit your specific needs and prepare a training schedule.


$199 per 2 hour private consultation

Please note that additional travel charges (please see our terms and conditions for further details) may apply for locations located more than 30 miles from Zipcode 59912 Columbia Falls.

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