Canine health

The world is changing…..

The world is changing…. Times are changing, hopefully just for long enough to kick this coronavirus into the dust.  As I sit here typing, I think back to even just 2 weeks ago where life was pretty normal in Montana- small changes were happening though.  We were anxiously watching what was happening not only in…

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Position Statement and Action Plan- Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Position Statement on Services & Action Plan provided by All day Dog Adventures –  Neil & Tracy Day   In light of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and recently confirmed cases in Montana please find below our Position Statement.  We are fully taking into consideration updated Government advice, this is our Position Statement on…

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Summer is here…. Avoid the Colorful Hazards

SUMMER IS HERE! It’s been a long winter, followed by a long Spring and now Summer is here!  It is the time for planting those beautiful flowers and watching them bloom. Most dogs are good at avoiding the hazards that lurk in your backyard….. However, puppies can be inquisitive, which can get them into trouble!…

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Frostbite… don’t get bitten by Frostbite!

Dog Snow

The winter months in Montana can be brutal for us and also on our dogs!  We love the outdoor activities this beautiful part of the USA has to offer…..but there are some precautions we should be taking for our dogs! Frostbite can easily occur when the temperatures go below 32 Fahrenheit and if your dog…

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What did you do on your walk with your dog? I get asked the above question a lot by clients and the first question I ask them is “What did you do on your walk with your dog?” The answers range from: “I took him for a run on the leash” “I made a phone…

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Frostbite…. Don’t be bitten by the frost!

We understand that you want to be able to exercise your energetic dogs all year round but just like humans, dogs are susceptible to frostbite especially in the temperatures we get here in Montana.  We need to be careful and put measures in place to protect the sensitive pads of our four legged companions. It…

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